Changes in the 2019 Experience Modification Formula – Are You Ready? (Part 2)

Author, David J. Garcia, A.A.I, CRIS, President, Rancho Mesa Insurance Services, Inc.

As we approach 2019, there will be several changes in the experience modification formula that directly affects the calculation of an employer's 2019 Experience Modification Rate (EMR).

Part 1 of this article describes the Primary Threshold and Expected Loss Rate. Read Part 1 of this article. Part 2 provides an overview of the changes to the EMR calculation. 

The Simplified Formula

Individual claim cost (i.e., both paid and reserved) will go into the calculation up to the primary threshold limit are considered the actual primary losses. Any claim cost that exceeds your primary threshold is considered the actual excess loss. In past experience mod formulas, the actual excess loss was used in the factoring of your EMR; in 2019, it will have no effect. However, under the new calculation, the industry expected excess losses will be considered in the 2019 simplified formula.

Actual Primary Losses + Expected Excess Losses / Expected Losses  

The expected excess losses are calculated by multiplying your class code’s payroll per $100 by the expected loss rate for that same class code. This number is then discounted by the “D Ratio” to determine expected primary losses and expected excess losses. There are 90 different D-Ratios for each classification based on the primary threshold. The D-Ratio is different for each classification and is determined by the severity of injuries that occur within that particular class code.

The first $250 of all claims will no longer be used in the calculation of your EMR.  

This is a major change and one that was initiated in part to encourage all employers to report all claims, including those deemed first aid, without having a negative impact on the companys’ EMR. This change will affect all claims within the 2019 calculation; so yes, it will include years previously completed and reported. This will have a positive impact on EMRs in that claim dollars will be removed from the EMR calculation. 

Confused – Want more details?

Help is on the way. We are going to hold a statewide webinar on Thursday, October 4th at 9:00am in order to dig deeper into this subject and answer specific questions. You may register for the webinar by contacting Alyssa Burley at (619) 438-6869 or