Rancho Mesa is a commercial insurance brokerage providing risk management solutions to dynamic organizations throughout the United States.


About four years ago Rancho Mesa started a routine as part of their Health and Wellness Program. The daily walks, also known as the 7th Inning Stretch, provide an opportunity for the staff to get away from their desks, get moving, and enjoy the outdoors. Every day at 10:30 a.m. and 3 p.m. a song will play throughout the Rancho Mesa office and when that song concludes, everyone that wants to participate will stand up from their desk, walk to the front door, and head out for some fresh air. This year employees wanted to expand the benefits of the 7th Inning Stretch outside of the office. Now employees walk for a local non-profit in lieu of individual gifts. From the 40+ non-profits that Rancho Mesa supports, employees will pick one per quarter to walk for. At the end of the quarter and once the walk goal has been met, Rancho Mesa will donate $1,000 on behalf of their employees, to the non-profit chosen for the quarter.

“Together we walk, together we give,” says Sam Brown, Vice President of the Human Services Group at Rancho Mesa Insurance Services, Inc..


Our goal is to understand your insurance needs and design a risk management plan that allocates resources properly and helps to secure your company’s future.

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Human Services

We understand that, as a human services organization, you face exceptional challenges in providing valuable services to your community. It takes an insurance professional with the skills and expertise to adequately protect your cause, mission and clients.

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Through our risk management process, we have identified the specific exposures unique to the Landscape Industry and have gained an understanding as to how we can make the greatest impact on your business.

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Property & Casualty

Our Clients trust us with their most valuable asset – their business. We simplify the process by analyzing your business, presenting a comprehensive submission to the marketplace, and negotiating with the carrier.


Employee Benefits

We pride ourselves on delivering good old-fashioned customer service to all Departments of employees- Field, Supervisors, Office Managers, HR, Executives, and Owners- to ensure value and satisfaction in all that we do. 

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Our Bonding experts work closely with general, artisan, and heavier trade contractors throughout the United States to provide the largest capacity and most competitive Surety Bond Programs to ensure our clients success.

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