Our goal is to minimize the impact of any losses you may experience.

Experienced Advocate

  • Our dedicated team is responsive, experienced and results-focused.

  • Each Claims Advocate has extensive experience in the administration of workers’ compensation claims and is uniquely qualified to work aggressively on your behalf.


  • Available on all open claims on all policy years

  • Thorough analysis of the injury through a review of carrier’s claims notes and direct contact with both the claims examiner and employer

  • Provide oversight of the insurance company’s reserving logic, treatment plans and claim closure timetables

  • Send 90-day written reports on all claims to the employer

  • Telephone claims meeting with employer as needed

  • Attendance at carrier claims review meetings as needed

  • Assist in Return-To-Work design and coordination

  • RM365 Advantage Safety Star Program™

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Dan Durkin, VP Finance, Rancho West Landscape, Inc.

“[Jim] is very good at explaining the process in standard English and not all the abbreviations the adjusters use. I wish we started working with your team sooner. Just good to know we made the right choice this year…”

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Julie Romero, AMC

"What I loved about my experience is Jim didn’t just tell me what needed to be done and then hang up, he instead stayed on the phone with me while we found a medical center for the employee…I truly felt like I had a partner!…"

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Joanna LaBahn Cornett, CEO, LaBahn's Landscaping

"I have been very impressed with how on top of it they are. They do everything with the utmost professionalism. I am even more thrilled that they were able to close 6 of our claims within the first 3 months."

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Jill Jimenez, Minegar Contracting, Inc.

"Jim Malone is helping me navigate a worker's comp claim.  He is very knowledgeable his explanation of the process in layman's terms made it seem less daunting.  I was so appreciative!"