Vigilance Risk Solutions Returns to Provide Active Shooter Awareness and Preparedness Workshop

Author, Lauren Stumpf , Media Communications Assistant, Rancho Mesa Insurance Services, Inc .

On Friday, April 5, 2019, Jon Russ from Vigilance Risk Solutions (VRS) presented the Active Shooter Awareness and Preparedness workshop for Rancho Mesa Insurance Services’ clients.

This dynamic two-hour course covered the evolution of the active shooter threat, industry trend evaluations, how to spot a potential threat, psychology of a shooter, the vigilance mindset, run-hide-fight, decision making, supervisor responsibilities and so much more.

About Vigilance Risk Solutions
VRS is a trusted team of security leaders committed to mitigating workplace violence through custom solutions that empower and increase awareness. VRS works to give organizations the necessary analysis, planning, and training to help save lives and have peace of mind.Vigilance Risk Solutions offers industry-leading threat and vulnerability assessments, emergency operations plans and workplace security programs for organizations large and small. For more information, visit

For additional resources on Workplace Violence and Active Shooter Preparedness, visit the Rancho Mesa Risk Management Center or contact us at (619) 937-0164.

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