Advances in Active Shooter Coverage Leads to More Protections Against Broader Violent Events

Author, Chase Hixson, Account Executive, Rancho Mesa Insurance Services, Inc.

Image of Scrabble board spelling ‘Health Safety’

The need for insurance to cover workplace violence is at an all-time high. Traditionally, this type of insurance policy has been referred to as Active Shooter Coverage in response to situations involving mass shootings. As its name implies, the overage responded only to active shooter scenarios. They did not cover other types of workplace violence that can occur. As unique acts of violence occur, coverage continues to change to cover a broader spectrum of events.

Active Violence Coverage offers protection when an event may or may not involve a shooter. One important development in this new coverage is that it also responses to threats of violence. A heated interaction, though no physical harm occurred, could still be damaging to those involved and have the potential to develop into something larger over time. This type of coverage will cover the costs for hired security, grief counseling and mediation, coverage of employee salaries for lost time, business interruption costs and security consultants.

This subtle change in coverage can make a significant difference to the safety and well being of the people in your organization.

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