3 Steps to Developing Your 2018 Safety Training Calendar

Author, Alyssa Burley, Client Services Coordinator, Rancho Mesa Insurance Services, Inc.

Example of a construction training short calendar.

The end of the year is the perfect time to evaluate your company’s overall safety program. One important element in a successful safety program is the weekly safety meetings (aka training shorts, tailgate talks, or toolbox talks). 

Rancho Mesa’s Risk Management Library provides the content employers need to educate their employees on how to be safe in the workplace.

The library includes hundreds of English and Spanish training shorts designed to educate employees on various safety topics in a quick and concise manner.  Each training short typically includes 1-2 pages of easy to follow content and a sign-in sheet.

Rancho Mesa recommends choosing 52 topics that are relevant to your industry. This will serve as your training short calendar for 2018.

Step 1:  Review the Training Shorts Library

To access the training shorts within the library, login to the Risk Management Center, click “Resources,” then click “Risk Management Library. Click on “Training Shorts,” then click “Safety.”

Review the list to determine which topics are appropriate for your industry.

Step 2: Save the Training Topics

It is recommended that you save your selected Training Shorts to your “My Content” folder.  This will make it easily to find them later.

From the list of training shorts, check the box to the left of the title(s) you would like to save to the “My Content” folder.  Then, click “Add to My Content” in the upper right corner.  Choose the subfolder to save the training shorts. Now, you can refer back to the list of topics, later. 

Step 3: Schedule the Trainings

Now, that you have picked your 52 training topics from the library, we recommend putting them on a calendar.  Pick a day during the week when you’ll have your safety meeting and include the topic for each week. Training may also be scheduled within the Risk Management Center.

For recommendations for your training calendar, contact Rancho Mesa Insurance Services, Inc. at (619) 937-0164.