Rancho Mesa Attends 2nd Annual Ickler Electric Volley Pong Olympics

Author, Lauren Stumpf, Media Communications Assistant, Rancho Mesa Insurance, Inc.

On Thursday, May 23, 2019, Rancho Mesa attended Ickler Electric’s 2nd Annual Volley Pong Olympics. Forty-two teams and more than 230 people, from all over San Diego County, played in the tournament to support The Seany Foundation and Camp Reach for the Sky. Together, they helped raise over $52,000; 100% of the proceeds going directly to support children impacted by cancer. Attendees enjoyed food, drinks, music, good company and of course, Volley Pong.

About the Seany Foundation
The Seany Foundation is a local non-profit that oversees Camp Reach for the Sky, a patient service camp program for kids battling cancer and their siblings. Camp has served the San Diego community since 1983 and continues to be a major resource for kids, sibling and parents battling cancer. They handle the emotional toll cancer takes on a family and work to make sure a kid can just be a kid again. To find out more, watch this video or visit www.TheSeanyFoundation.com.

Dave Garcia and attendees playing volley pong.

About the Ickler Electric Corporation
Ickler Electric services the needs of specialty clients in the BioTech, Electronics Tech, and Mission Critical industry. Ickler Electric’s reputation has extended over the last 30 years in San Diego. To learn more, visit IcklerElectric.com.