RM365 Advantage Safety Star Program™ Lights Up the Sky

Author, Dave Garcia, President & Chief Executive Officer, Rancho Mesa Insurance Services, Inc.

White hard hat sitting on an outdoor concrete table with a RM365 Advantage Safety Star sticker on the back.

The response to Rancho Mesa’s proprietary RM365 Advantage Safety Star Program™ has been like a rocket launch from Cape Canaveral, lighting up the sky. Countless clients from California and as far away as Illinois have already begun the certification process in a race to see who becomes the first Safety Star Team Member.

This program is designed to provide safety education to supervisors, foremen, safety coordinators and upper management in order to lower their company’s probability of work-related injuries, while promoting a safety culture. There are many reasons for completing the certification process, including improving the safety culture of the organization which:

  •  Reduces the probability of claims.

  •  Improves productivity by keeping your employees safely at work.

  •  Demonstrates care about the impact a claim has on the employees’ families.

  •  Provides a competitive advantage in the insurance marketplace.

  •  Lowers overall costs of insurance.

Leaders in the insurance marketplace agree, stating:

“Rancho Mesa is always thinking outside the box for their clients to help them better manage risk,” said Margaret Hartmann, Senior Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer at Berkshire Hathaway Homestate Companies. “We value Rancho Mesa’s efforts as they help prepare our policy holders for the future.”

“Policyholders that recognize their employees are their most valuable asset, investing in and promoting a safety culture at their company, are Stars in our books,” said Gene Simpson, Vice President of Underwriting & Marketing at CompWest Insurance. “Businesses that strive to get their employees safely home to their families at the end of the day are valued customers at CompWest Insurance Company, because they care about their employees and understand the importance of avoiding workplace injuries.”

This program is available exclusively to Rancho Mesa clients. If you have not already registered and want to enroll in the RM365 Advantage Safety Star Program™, visit www.ranchomesa.com/rm365-advantage-safety-star-program and fill out the application.

For non Rancho Mesa clients who want to learn more, please contact Alyssa Burley at (619)438-6869 or aburley@ranchomesa.com.