Reminder: 2017 OSHA Summary of Work-Related Injuries and Illness Must Be Posted

Author, Alyssa Burley, Client Services Coordinator, Rancho Mesa Insurance Services, Inc.

OSHA 300A.jpg

According to a recent memo, the State of California Department of Industrial Relations would like to remind employers that they are required to physically post their 2017 annual summaries of work-related injuries from February 1, 2018 through April 30, 2018. 

OSHA’s Summary of Work-Related Injuries and Illness, also known as Form 300A, must be completed and posted for employees to view.

If you are tracking work-related injuries in the Rancho Mesa Risk Management Center, the Form 300A can be generated from the system. From the Incident Track screen, click on "Reports," then "OSHA Reports," select "OSHA 300A Summary," the "2017." Complete any missing information and "Download."

To manually complete the Form 300A, review the instructions found on the Cal/OSHA or OSHA websites.

If you are unsure if you are required to maintain OSHA logs, visit the OSHA website.