Small Performance Bonds No Longer Require CPA Financial Statements

Author, Matt Gaynor, Director of Surety, Rancho Mesa Insurance Services, Inc.


In the past, many Surety Bond carriers required financial statements from a Certified Public Account (CPA), bank lines of credit, tax returns, etc. for contractor bond programs, whether the client required one bond a year or a large bond program. This is no longer the case.

Several “A” rated carriers now provide “personal credit based scoring” to approve single bonds of $350,000 up to $500,000. There is no need for company financial statements. Instead, the contractor completes a “fast track” application, which requests personal financial information about the owner(s). The bond company will run the personal credit of the owner(s). If the owner(s) personal credit is decent, the bond will be approved. A response is provided within 48 hours of submission. 

The program responds to requests for bid bonds, performance and payment bonds, and letters of bondability. Several carriers provide a “pre-qualification” feature so you can determine if you will qualify for the bond before you bid or negotiate a project that will require a bond. This pre-qualification feature is helpful for owners that are aware they have low credit scores.

So, if you are considering a project that requires a bond and you are not a big fan of collecting a lot of paperwork for one project – don’t fret.  We may have a solution to help you win that job!

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