Cal/OSHA 300A Posting Begins February 1st

Cal/OSHA Form 300A

Cal/OSHA Form 300A

Rancho Mesa Insurance Services, Inc. would like to remind its clients that February 1, 2017 marks the start of the Cal/OSHA Form 300A posting period.  The Cal/OSHA Form 300A is a summary of the company's annual work-related injuries and illnesses.  It must be posted from February 1, 2017 to April 30, 2017.

Who is required to post the Cal/OSHA 300A Form?
Employers with at least 11 employees must post the Cal/OSHA 300A form (though, there are some exemptions for low-hazard industries).

Where must the Cal/OSHA Form 300A be posted?
The Cal/OSHA Form 300A Form must be posted in a conspicuous place within the workplace that is readily available to employees.  Employers must also send copies to employees who do not regularly visit the workplace, at least on a weekly basis, where the Cal/OSHA Form 300A form is posted.

Do I need to post the Cal/OSHA Form 300A if we have no work-related injuries or illnesses?
Yes, employers must complete and post the Cal/OSHA Form 300A form even if they have no work-related injuries or illnesses to report.

How do I complete the OSHA Form 300A?
Through Rancho Mesa's Risk Management Center, clients can generate the Cal/OSHA Form 300A using the incident tracking feature, within the system.  The form may also be printed and manually completed.

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