Kami Elam, The HVAC Exchange, Inc.

"For the first time The HVAC Exchange, Inc. has not only MORE insurance coverage but also more appropriate insurance coverage for LESS money! That’s a first in 15 years. Kevin is a total professional. He sets/keeps appointments and has opened my eyes to the value of meeting face to face with an insurance broker. He has put it in the extra time and effort to help me understand our business coverage and why having the proper coverage could be the difference between staying in business or going out of business. WOW. It’s also pretty cool too that he's a total family man, talking about how great his wife and kids are every time I see him. I have tremendous gratitude for Kevin and I am excited to say he makes my job easier. I regret not making the switch sooner when he came to our office several years back. Working with such an awesome person is inspiring on many levels but most importantly it helps everyone step up their game! I am not only excited to watch Rancho Mesa grow but I am also jumping for joy for The HVAC Exchange, Inc. to reap the benefits of Rancho Mesa’s expertise. Oh and to take it over the top Rancho Mesa incorporates community outreach into their business practices. Doesn’t get much better. Class act! A+++"