Safety Spotlight: Rancho Mesa Supports Landscape Industry Certified Field Testing with a Mobility and Stretch Program

Author Alyssa Burley, Client Services Coordinator, Rancho Mesa Insurance Services, Inc.

Drew Garcia, NALP Program Director, Rancho Mesa Insurance Services, Inc.

Drew Garcia, NALP Program Director, Rancho Mesa Insurance Services, Inc.

In the early hours of April 1, 2017, hundreds of landscapers from near and far gathered at Cuyamaca College in El Cajon for the annual Landscape Industry Certified (LIC) Field Test branded by the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) and administered by the California Landscape Contractors Association (CLCA).

Before the long day of hands-on testing began, Drew Garcia from Rancho Mesa Insurance Services, Inc., like a seasoned baseball coach, inspired the crowd with stories from his former baseball career and emphasized the importance of stretching before performing strenuous activities.  It was a perfect segway into Rancho Mesa's Mobility and Stretch program.  

Drew Garcia enlisted personal trainer, Collin Dawson from BRZN Fitness to develop a stretch program specifically designed for the landscape industry.  The idea was to create a stretch program that would allow landscapers to stretch their bodies before starting their work day. The program uses the company truck to help employees achieve total body activation in minimal time, while both stretching and strengthening the key muscles that surround common industry injuries.

"Even light stretching activities can help you protect yourself from strain related injuries and back pain as the result of reaching, bending, or stooping during daily tasks," writes Mark Stice, CSP, CHST from Bear Valley Loss Control Services, LLC.  "A well-stretched muscle more easily achieves its full range of motion, improving performance. Those who practice stretching also find it to be a great way to get you moving in the morning, to limber up after sitting for a long period of time, or a way to relax after a long day. Don't just stretch at work.  Make it part of your daily routine."

At the event, Collin Dawnson led the group in a 15-minute stretch designed to loosen their arms, legs and back.  The crowd was energized and ready to start testing after completing the program.

Rancho Mesa is pleased to offer the Mobility and Stretch Program to its clients.  

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Mobility & Stretch Program

Article updated 7/12/17.