Fraudulent Claims Could Be on the Rise

Author, Casey Craig, Account Executive, Rancho Mesa Insurance Services, Inc.

Image of folders filed and focused on a folder titled “Claims”

California is in the middle of a construction boom. There is more work than qualified employees and contractors need people on their job sites. While fraudulent workers’ compensation claims are relatively low right now, California contractors are asking what will happen when there is not enough work to keep everyone busy?

Fraudulent workers’ compensation claims peak when steady work dries up and opportunities diminish. When an employee doesn’t know if they will be employed next week, they can panic and consider making a fraudulent workers’ compensation claim to ensure a compensation check. Regardless of the size of your company, consider how you may be able to create growth opportunities for your employees. Even if an employee is with your company for a short time, it is important to show them there are opportunities for promotions and pay raises. Keeping your employees happy and goal oriented is extremely effective in reducing fraudulent workers’ compensation claims.

According to Chris Dill, Special Investigations Unit Manager for ICW Group Insurance Companies, millennial’s are two to three times more likely to commit workers’ compensation fraud compared to older employees. That is not to say you shouldn’t hire a millennial, just make sure they know there is a path to move up in the company, have job descriptions, and promotions available with new titles. This is essential to keeping their interest and dedication to your company. Make sure to have meetings where every employee can speak freely in an open forum, so their voices are heard. If an employee feels valued and a member of a cohesive team, they are less likely to create false claims, which can lead to a more profitable company.

When bidding for a job, it is next to impossible to account for injuries that may happen and how those injuries will cut into your net profit. If your only goal is revenue, profit is hard to attain and growth is only sustainable if your profit remains consistent. Keeping workers’ compensation claims to a minimum is a contributing factor to achieve consistent profit.

There are many ways to decrease the likelihood of fraudulent workers’ compensation claims. Rancho Mesa Insurance Services offers strategies to help clients stay ahead of this problem, including our upcoming workshop “Fighting Fraud in CA Workers’ Compensation System” on September 19, 2019. Please contact us at (619) 438-6889 or for more information on how to prevent fraudulent claims, or with any questions you have regarding your policy.