How Credit-Based Bond Programs Benefit New Contractors

Author, Andy Roberts, Account Executive, Surety Division, Rancho Mesa Insurance Services, Inc.

Man at a desk working on a laptop with a women standing next to him holding a pencil to a floorplan on the desk.

For small or new contractors that are looking to break into the world of government contract work, the process of getting a surety bond program in place can seem like an onerous one. It requires the contractor to compile a lot of paperwork and detailed financial reports, which can be a daunting task for any contractor, regardless of size or experience. However, there are now several “A” rated sureties that provide credit-based programs for writing smaller bonds.

The owner or owners will provide their financial information via a one or two page application, often referred to as a “fast track application.” These let you and your company apply for smaller bonds, usually $500,000 or less, depending on the surety, without requiring all the typical underwriting information that is needed to put together a formal surety program. And, so long as the owner(s) credit is good, the surety will approve the bond(s) to be issued.

These programs are great for contractors that don’t bond very often or contractors that are just starting to bid on bonded jobs. In addition, these programs also provide the contractor an opportunity to begin a relationship with a surety company, which will be very beneficial as the contractor grows and begins to bid larger bonded jobs that fall outside of the credit program, and will require a formal program with the surety.

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