2019 Expected Loss Rates Published in California’s Updated Regulatory Filing – X-MOD Impact Inevitable for 0042 Class Code

Author, Drew Garcia, Vice President, Landscape Group, Rancho Mesa Insurance Services, Inc.

The 2019 Expected Loss Rate (ELR) for Landscaping class code 0042 was recently published at a 15% decrease or $2.97.

The ELR is the factor used to anticipate a class code’s claim cost per $100 for the experience rating period. It is not to be confused with the Pure Premium Rate (PPR). The ELR differs from the PPR in that the ELR simply measures the basic claim cost for a class code without including loss adjustment expense, excess loss load (capped at $175,000 for X-MOD purposes), and loss development. The PPR includes all of the mentioned above factors and is the rate for which a carrier can expect to pay for all of the cost associated with claims in a specific industry. The PPR does not account for the carrier’s overhead, profit, tax, and commissions.

Man talking on mobile phone while looking at a tablet computer standing outside among landscaping.

Under most circumstances, when you hear the word decrease as associated with insurance its a good thing, but in the case of the ELR, a decrease will have a negative impact on your Experience MOD (X-MOD). In simple terms, if your losses stay the same and the ELR for your industry is down 15%, your X-MOD is going to go up.

At 15%, the landscape class code accounts for one of the largest swings in the 2019 regulatory filing for all industries. This only reinforces the importance of mitigating claim frequency, superior carrier claims handling, internal claims advocacy, claim cost consolidation efforts, and a proven system to keep all of these aspects running constantly. Fortunately, Rancho Mesa has a system in place today and it is a proven success.

Don’t be caught off guard in 2019; have a plan and always anticipate for the future. Let Rancho Mesa help manage your landscape insurance needs. For more information, call (619) 937-0164.