Control your Experience MOD through the MOD Doctor Process.

Author, Drew Garcia, NALP Program Director, Rancho Mesa Insurance Services, Inc.

Successfully maintaining low and predictable workers' compensation costs is a product of establishing a routine that constantly “checks and balances” your all-encompassing insurance program. Our MOD Doctor™ technique lays out a road map so we can guide you throughout the year to gain more control, become more efficient, and ultimately drive down your insurance cost; at no extra expense. What can you expect from this process?

Audit Experience MOD Worksheet. Our team analyzes your experience MOD worksheet to ensure the information is accurate with payrolls, claim information, and class codes.

Analyze Claim Frequency, Severity, and Trends. It’s important to analyze your company’s loss information and specifically look for trends in order to prevent further claim activity with similar causes. Furthermore, we compare your loss experience against the landscape industry, in your state, to determine whether you are outperforming or underperforming your industry.

Claims Meetings. The largest companies maintain claim review meetings on a consistent basis. We bring this service to you and adjust the frequency of the meeting to fit your needs. It’s important to have updated information on your open claims, without sacrificing your time or your employee’s time tracking down this data.

Pre-Unit Stat. Your experience MOD is calculated on claims information which is sent into the governing bureau roughly six months into your policy period. Knowing this information, we can accurately project your MOD six months in advance giving you the information you need to begin budgeting for future work,while considering where your insurance cost will be headed.

Claims Advocacy. Our team is your advocate in helping to seek information on your claims, both in the current year and in the past. Our goal through this process is to decrease existing claim costs, reduce excessive reserves, and expedite claim closure, all while considering your unit stat date.

Risk Management Center. We know maintaining up to date and accurate information for tailgate topics, safety procedures, and  incident tracking is important. The Risk Management Center streamlines these functions by making them accessible to our clients online.

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