Rancho Mesa Hosts Fiesta Friday with Clients and Carriers

Author, Alyssa Burley, Client Services Coordinator, Rancho Mesa Insurance Services, Inc.

Rancho Mesa Insurance Services, Inc. celebrated its annual Fiesta Friday on May 12, 2017. Clients, carriers and Rancho Mesa staff enjoyed great company, tacos, and cervezas.

Dave Garcia thanked the guests for coming and expressed his gratitude for their partnership with Rancho Mesa.  He raffled off a bottle of Paradiso, Don Julio 1942, and Herradura.  The winners were very excited to receive their prizes. 

As the event came to a close, with just a few swings, Christina Haake broke apart the piñata that was packed with full-size candy.

Everyone enjoyed the day and looks forward to next year's celebration. 

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