7th Inning Stretch Recognized by Community Member

Author, Alyssa Burley, Client Services Coordinator, Rancho Mesa Insurance Services, Inc.

Rancho Mesa Insurance Services recently received a lovely card from a local Santee bus driver named Patti (bus #125).  She wanted to acknowledge Rancho Mesa's commitment to health and wellness through its 7th Inning Stretch daily walks.

"Just a quick thank you. I've seen a group walking each day. It has be noticed and appreciated. Thank you for being such good examples for the children and adults in the community. Patti Bus 125"

Thank you, Patti.  We're honored to be an example for our community.


Excerpt from "Rancho Mesa Encourages Employees to Stay Healthy with the "7th Inning Stretch"

"Twice a day, music fills the air of Rancho Mesa's office.  The hum of keyboards, the clicking of calculators and the various phone conversations come to a halt.  A song signals that it's time to take to the sidewalks of Santee, CA, a song in which is alternated from each of the staff's personal playlist.This ritual is part of Rancho Mesa's Health and Wellness Program.  The daily walks, also known as the "7th Inning Stretch," provide an opportunity for the staff to get away from their desks, get moving, and enjoy the outdoors."