OSHA Offers Grant Programs to Nonprofits

Author, Sam Brown, Vice President, Human Services Group, Rancho Mesa Insurance Services, Inc.

Image of letter cutouts that spell “SAFETY” held up by hands.

Nonprofit leaders who want to make workplace safety training more accessible may be surprised to learn about a unique grant program through the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Since 1978, OSHA has offered grants to nonprofit organizations for safety training. Specifically, grants are awarded on a competitive basis to provide employees with training on the recognition and prevention of safety/health hazards in the workplace. The intent of the program is to reach audiences who might not otherwise receive safety training. OSHA renamed the program the Susan Harwood Training Grant Program, in 1997.

Grant applications in the past have typically fallen into three categories:

  1. Capacity Building: OSHA awards these grants to help an organization grow or build its capacity to provide safety and health training to target audiences; small business employees, hard-to-reach or low-literacy workers, and workers in vulnerable and high-hazard industries.

  2. Targeted Topic: These grants focus on occupational safety and health hazards associated with one of the OSHA selected training topics.

  3. Training Materials Development: Grantees develop training materials on one of the OSHA selected training topics.

Although state or local government agencies are not eligible to apply, nonprofit organizations, including qualifying community and faith-based organizations, employer associations, and labor unions may submit applications.

The Harwood solicitation for grant applications can be found on the government-wide Grants.gov website.