Top Three Benefits of Conducting an In-Home Health Care Safety Inspection

Author, Chase Hixson, Account Executive, Human Services, Rancho Mesa Insurance Services, Inc.


For many Home Health Care companies, conducting an in-home inspection on all new cases is standard practice. The intent of these inspections is to improve the quality of services offered; however, there is also an additional opportunity to improve the risk profile for those health care companies and thereby help them reduce their insurance costs.

Best practices suggest that Home Health Care companies conduct safety inspections in the home for all new clients prior to having a caregiver work the case.  If possible, have the caregiver(s) that will be in the home, conduct the inspection with you. Following are 3 ways inspections with an eye toward safety can help improve your risk profile.

  1. Providing An Opportunity to Point out Safety Hazards
    The most obvious outcome is the opportunity to point out safety hazards.  Having two sets of eyes on the home will help to identify potential hazards such as a poorly lit staircase, an over stocked bookshelf where the caregiver might obtain supplies, a crowded kitchen, or loose carpet or rug.
  2. Engaging the Employee as an Equal Partner in Safety
    Studies show claims are less likely to occur when the employee is engaged in the safety process.  For example, if the employee is involved with assessing their own hazards and determining their own safety, they are more likely follow the guidelines.
  3. Improving your Frequency Rate
    Conducting pre-case safety inspections is known to reduce the frequency of claims.  It’s no surprise taking this step will positively impact the employer’s insurance premium. Not only is the likelihood of a claim reduced, the ability to react to a claim with proper corrective action increases, as well.  If an accident were to occur, prior inspections will speed up the discovery process and allow the proper changes to be made, in theory, reducing the likelihood of the incident occurring again.

Conducting safety inspections in the home prior to assigning a case workers is a great way to not only benefit pricing immediately, reduce the likelihood of a claim in the future, thereby helping you to sustain favorable pricing in the future.

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