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Mobility & Stretch Program and ABLE Lift Protocol

Physical work can be demanding on our bodies. As the employer, what are you doing to help your employees prepare for the day’s work? Collectively, the most severe injuries come from the lower back by way of strain or sprain as a result of lifting. Eliminating lifting exposures is the ultimate solution to limiting back strains; however, it is not always possible. Interactively training your employees to accurately lift material with proper technique is a preventive approach you can implement today in order to limit your organization’s lifting exposure. Although visual diagrams of proper lifting mechanics are important, consider Rancho Mesa’s A.B.L.E. “Lift” Protocol to help physically train your employees to execute proper lifting decision making and establish the correct physical elements it takes to perform a lift. 

In this webinar we will address our proprietary Mobility / Stretch Program and A.B.L.E. “Lift” Protocol which will include; 

  • Why a Mobility and Stretch is important

  • The benefits such program can bring

  • How to properly implement and execute the program no matter your location

  • Introducing A.B.L.E. “lift” Protocol

  • The basics of A.B.L.E.

  • How to implement

You will receive:

  • A customized (PDF) Mobility and Stretch Program branded to your company (upon request, 10-15 business days to process)

  • PDF version of A.B.L.E. Lift (8x11 and Poster Size) (upon request, 10-15 business days to process)

  • Recognition on Rancho Mesa website for your participation in the workshop

  • 30-minute complimentary phone assessment with Collin Dawson about these programs and further implementation strategies.

The Mobility / Stretch Program and A.B.L.E. Protocol were developed by Collin Dawson, professional fitness trainer at Bodies by Collin.