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Landscape Industry Safety Analytics

Insurance Carriers have long used analytical information to Underwrite and Price your insurance premiums. At Rancho Mesa, with our commitment to the Landscape Industry, we are helping our clients understand the impact certain safety data has on their overall Experience Modifier (XMOD) and ultimately, Premium Calculation.

Your XMOD is only ONE of the factors that directly impacts’ your Workers' Compensation Premium. This webinar will detail the measurables’ that have the greatest impact on the formulation of your XMOD and the analytical information insurance carrier’s review when pricing your annual workers compensation premium. I’m sure your company has production goals and in order to insure profitability you have systems in place to monitor that progress throughout the year. It’s time for you to track and maintain a system for safety production as it relates to your XMOD, Premium Calculation, and bottom line. Is this webinar worth your time? 

Ask yourself these 5 questions? 

  • Do you feel like your Experience MOD does not fully capsulate your company’s commitment to safety? 

  • Have you ever wondered what you can focus on to help lower or maintain a favorable Experience MOD? 

  • Would you like to know some commonalities between landscape companies that consistently produce industry low Experience MOD's?

  • Do you want to identify potential root causes before they affect your Experience MOD? 

  • Are you surprised every year when your Experience MOD is published? 

    If you answered yes to any of the following then please join my 25-minute webinar. Each attendee who is not a current Rancho Mesa client will receive a complimentary evaluation upon request.