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The New Lawn and Landscape Workers' Compensation Program

This program was established specific for workers' compensation and the professional landscape industry. The intent is to provide national workers' compensation expertise to a growing list of professional landscapers that value industry expansion, customer service and partnership.

Program Overview

  • 6% discounted rate for NALP members where allowable. Lowest available base rate in states that do not allow rate deviation.
  • Not yet a member? Get 50% off your first year of dues when combined with
    program sign-up.
  • Multiple workers compensation options guaranteed cost and small to
    large deductible
  • Flexible payment plans including stipulated, pay as you go (zero deposit) and
    monthly payroll reports
  • Quarterly safety webinars specific to the injuries arising out of the landscape industry
  • Dedicated service team with experience in the landscape industry
  • Underwriting team only evaluating NALP members
  • Claims handling dedicated to NALP members with lower caseloads and the
    statistically proven ability to close claims faster than the industry
  • Loss control with regional representation for on-site visits managed nationally by
    a dedicated coordinator
Not yet a member? Get 50% off your first year of dues when combined with program set-up. Download Membership Application

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the NALP offering this? Will my association benefit from the Program?
We created this program as a member benefit aimed at providing landscape specific expertise at a
discounted rate whereby a portion of the combined premium is re-invested back into the association to further
fund the growth of the industry and many programs that benefit NALP's members

Do I have to be a member of the NALP to participate?
Yes, this program is offered exclusively to NALP members

Does this program offer any advantages that I currently don't have?
Yes. This program was created specific to your needs. The injuries, claims and exposures in the
Landscape Industry are different than those that occur in the other Artisan trades. You will have a
dedicated service team from Berkshire Hathaway consisting of; NALP Underwriters pricing your
account, loss control associates with industry expertise, claims professionals who have statically
proven the ability to close Workers' Compensation Claims out faster than the industry (reducing
your cost), quarterly safety webinars targeting landscape specific injuries and flexible payment
options including zero deposit Pay as you Go for companies that perform more work in certain

Can I use my own Insurance Broker to get this insurance?
Yes. All directly appointed Berkshire Hathaway Brokers have the ability to bring you this
insurance. If your Broker does not have access to Berkshire Hathaway we can find you a solution.

What are my payment options?
As referenced, the program was created with the professional landscaper in mind, you will have
three payment options including; Stipulated Payments (equal monthly installments based on estimated
premium); Monthly Payroll Reporting (pay premium based on the amount of payroll reported each
month); Pay as you Go (Zero Deposit, electronic funds transfer of submitted payroll).

Who is Rancho Mesa?
Rancho Mesa Insurance Services, Inc. is a Ten Time National Best Practices Insurance Agency with
over 30 years of experience in the Landscape Industry. Rancho Mesa helped the NALP create the
ultimate Workers' Compensation Program tailored to the needs of a Landscape Contractor.

Who is Berkshire Hathaway?
Berkshire Hathaway Homestate Companies is one of the largest specialty workers' compensation
carriers in the country. They have achieved the highest (A++XV) "Superior" rating of Financial

OK, so what's my next move?
Contact NALP's program director at Rancho Mesa at NALP@ranchomesa.com for more information, with no
obligation. Find out how your current workers' comp insurance stacks up to recognize the potential
for lower premiums and more customized services (while supporting your association in the process).